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Key, Lock & Lantern's directors, officers and members invite you to join with us. Since 1966, KL&L has been providing railroadiana collectors with comraderie, education, and enjoyment. We have some great things planned for the future.

Why Should I Belong?

Despite the name, membership in Key, Lock & Lantern is not limited to collectors of railroad hardware. KL&L members are interested in all aspects of railroad history and collecting, including timetables, photos, and historical research. The cornerstone of the organization is the quarterly magazine, which covers subjects ranging from the history of railroad companies to the cleaning and restoration of artifacts. The bi-monthly newsletter is sent by e-mail to current members, and contains news and announcements about railroadiana shows, book reviews, and profiles of railroad museums. Both publications include "want ad" sections for the sale and trade of railroad memorabilia.

Key, Lock & Lantern holds its annual meeting and convention each year in Albany, NY, at the same location where the group's first railroadiana swap meet was held in 1973. The KL&L Convention is different from railroad hobby shows, as it is a smaller gathering of serious historians and collectors, where sharing knowledge is equally as important as trading memorabilia. While a fair amount of railroadiana changes hands at the swap meet and auction, the most valuable aspects of the convention are the educational and networking opportunities.

How do I Join?

An application blank is available by following the membership form link below. The top and bottom portions of the form must be filled out. The directory information (middle section) is used in our membership directory to help bring collectors of like items together. While this section is entirely voluntary, we highly recommend that all members fill out this portion of the form.

How much does membership cost?

Membership dues are the following:

  • $25 Basic Membership (four issues of the KL&L magazine)
  • $30 Contributing Membership (supports expansion of the magazine)

  • $30 for non-USA members (extra due to foreign mail rates)

When Can I Join?

There is no time like the present to join KL&L. Our membership period begins in July of each year. New applications received prior to March 31st will be applied to the current membership period, and the member will receive all magazines published since the previous July. Applications received after March 31st will be applied to the next membership period, and the member will receive magazines beginning in July. A membership in Key, Lock & Lantern always entitles you to four issues of the magazine.

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