Key, Lock & Lantern Membership Form

To join Key, Lock & Lantern, please print this form with your web browser and send with your remittance to:

John Brainard, KL&L, 35 Nordhoff Place, Englewood, NJ 07631-4810.         Thanks!

Name (person)____________________________________________________
Representing (business/museum, if applicable)_____________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City __________________________ State/Prov. ______ Zip/Mail Code_______
Email ___________________________________________________________

Enter my membership at $30.00 per year ( or $35 Contributing Membership to help support KL&L)
($35.00 per year for non-USA mailing of magazine)

$ ______

Please enter memberships for additional family members at $4.00 per person

$ ______

Enclosed is my check/M.O., payable to Key, Lock & Lantern, Inc., for (See check note above)

$ ______

Payments also accepted through PAY-PAL.  Make payments to  Please mail completed form to above address.  Also denote your PAY-PAL user name here:_____________


Directory Information (Not required, but highly recommended for maximum enjoyment of the hobby by all). Please select your five most important collecting interests from the table below and enter them at the right below:

All RR Collectables
A. All RR Collectables

Lighting Equipment
L. All Lighting Items
L1. Lanterns
L2. Headlights
L3. Marker lights
L4. Classification lights
L5. Semaphore lamps
L6. Switch lamps
L7. Train order lamps
L8. Gauge lamps
L9. Depot lamps
L10. Conductors Lantems
L11. Car Lighting
L12. Cross. Gate Lamps
L13. Lantern Globes
L14. lighting catalogs

Dining Car Items
D. All Dining Car Items
D1. Dining car china
D2. D. Car Holloware
D3. Dining car flatware
D4. Dining car linens
D5. Lounge car items
D6. Glassware
D7. Ashtrays
D8. Menus

Uniform Items
All Uniform Items
Ul. Buttons
U2. Cap badges
U3. Uniform badges
U4. Uniforms
U5. Caps
U6. Police badges

Engine Hardware
E. All Engine Hardware
El. Builders plates
E2. Bells
E3. Air
E4. Whistles
E5. Gauges
E6. Number plates

Rolling Stock Items
R. All Roll. Stck Items
R1. Drumheads
R2. Blankets/bed linens
R3. RPO equipment
R4. Stepboxes
R5. Headrest covers
R6. Trolley Roll Signs
R7. Trolley Fareboxes
R8. Trolley Fare Registers
R9. Trolley Gongs

Station Equipment
S. All Station Equip.
S1.Telegraph equip.
S2. Ticket daters/dies
S3. Baggage tags
S4. Express co. items
S5. Telephone items
S6. Ticket cases
S7. Ticket punches
S8. Depot clocks
S9. Wax sealers
S10. Lead Sealers
S11. Train Gate Signs

Ml. Advertising items
M2. Artwork
M3. Public timetables
M4. Emp. timetables
M5. Rulebooks

M6. Baggage Stickers
M7. Stocks & bonds
M8. Corporate seals
M9. Fumiture
M10. Photographs
M11. Negatives
M12. Playing cards
M13. Postcards
M14. Broadsides
M15. Posters
M16. Enam. steel signs
M17. Wooden signs
M18. Tickets/envelopes
M19. Tokens
M20. Tools
M21. Torches
M22. Watches
M23. Keys
M24. Locks
M25. Cannery
M26. Passes


X. Other interest:______________________________________________________

From/of Modifier examples:
Geographical area e.g. Northeast
Specific railroad e.g. NYNH&H
Specific manufacturer e.g. C. T. Ham
Specific pattern e.g., NYCRR Mercury pattern
{Sample: D3 from/of
Maine Central}

My five primary areas of collecting interests are:
1.________from/of _________________________
2.________from/of _________________________
3.________from/of _________________________
4.________from/of _________________________
5.________from/of _________________________

1. If you do not wish to have your name listed in the "KL&L" directory, enter "no" here _____
2. If you will accept paid calls from other collectors, enter phone number here (_______) ________________
3. Will you correspond with other collectors? Yes_____ No_____
Will you welcome visitors with advance notice? Yes_____ No_____
Would you be willing to assist the organization in realizing its goals? Yes_____ No_____
Occupation __________________________________________________________________
1 was referred to "KL&L" by ____________________________________________________
8. At times "KL&L" may make its mailing list available for sale to companies offering things of interest to our members. If you do not want your name released, check here______